Delivering 10x The SAFETY

John Thomas, Inc. (JTI) has taken the pledge Toward Zero Deaths in ATSSA’s nationwide initiative to save the lives of motorists and roadway workers. As part of our commitment, we are spreading the word about the life-saving benefits of using portable traffic signals in place of flaggers. Anyone who has served in the flagger position for an extended period of time has had more close calls with distracted or reckless drivers than they care to admit. Despite attempts to keep flaggers highly visible, several flaggers are killed by motorists every year and many more are injured. This risk is now preventable!


Having an exposed flagger in harm’s way is no longer necessary. Portable traffic signals help keep flaggers off the road and enable them to work on safer, more productive duties. JTI offers a wide range of options and technologies on our signals that can address any concern about not using a flagger, from wait time countdown displays and variable message signs to inform waiting motorists… to intrusion alarms, emergency vehicle preemption and more.

JTI’s commitment to Toward Zero Deaths runs deep within our company at every level.