Control an Entire 4-Way Intersection During Emergencies
The CUBE Portable Traffic Signal features four signal heads and is designed to control an entire 4-way intersection after a power outage, hurricane or other natural disasters. This compact and easy to deploy system is specifically designed to enable first responders to quickly setup emergency traffic control to restore traffic safety and flow during emergencies.

Engineered for First Responders to Restore Traffic Control

The CUBE is designed for fast and easy deployment in response to a natural disaster or power outage. It can be towed to the site and setup in minutes. The system features four signal heads, which can be configured to meet your specific needs. The standard CUBE includes four signal headlights: red, yellow, green and green arrow. (Other configurations are also available.) The CUBE’s compact footprint enables it to be placed in the center of an intersection to control four-way traffic. The CUBE has a completely self-contained battery supply with optional solar recharging to power the unit.

Know Your Portable Traffic Signals Are EMERGENCY-READY!

JTI’s Galaxy® Remote Monitoring System enables you to proactively manage your inventory of portable traffic signals to ensure they’re always READY. Monitor the data logs to see each signal’s location, battery strength and overall health status online 24/7. Receive alerts and warnings via text and email. Proactively schedule maintenance to make sure your fleet is ready to deploy for any emergency!


JTI’s affordable rental rate includes delivery, pick-up and expert 24/7 support.

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